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Articles series on post-Corona Ukrainian international relations, with Pavlo Klimkin. Part 2: May 2020

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Pavlo Klimkin and myself recently started, within the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, a series of jointly authored articles on Ukraine’s international relations, during and after the pandemic. The links to the Academia.edu PDFs of various versions of the initial two articles published during April 2020 may be found here: https://umland.wordpress.com/2020/05/02/articles-series-on-post-corona-ukrainian-ir-with-pavlo-klimkin-part-1-april-2020/


Below are the titles of and links to further versions and translations of these texts published, in different editions, in French, English, German and Russian. More such texts (including in Polish) are forthcoming.


La crise du coronavirus, un moment critique pour l’Ukraine et le monde // EUtalk, 2020


Schöne neue Welt: Die Ukraine in der sich wandelnden Geopolitik // The European, 2020


How to Progress Ukraine’s Western Integration as a Prelude to Accession to the EU and NATO // Utrikespolitiska Institutet Paper, 2020


The Coronavirus Crisis as a Critical Juncture for Ukraine and the World: Deliberations on the Political Repercussions of the Ongoing Pandemic for International Relations and Ukrainian Foreign Affairs // New Eastern Europe, 2020


Brave New World: How the Pandemic Is Changing the International System and Ukraine’s Place in It // Ukraine World, 2020


Die Coronakrise belegt einmal mehr, was die Ukraine bereits wusste: Die jetzige UNO funktioniert nicht // Ukraine verstehen, 2020


Что делать Украине, Грузии и Молдове для продолжения западной интеграции в условиях мирового кризиса // JAMnews, 2020



Some additional oral reflections on our prognoses:


With Martin Kragh: Ukraine’s Prospects for Integration with the EU and NATO // Swedish Institute of International Affairs, 2020. https://soundcloud.com/user-312634401/ukraines-prospects-for-integration-with-the-eu-and-nato


With Volodymyr Yermolenko: How Is the Pandemic Changing the World and Ukraine’s Place in It? // Ukraine World, 2020. https://soundcloud.com/user-579586558/ep-25-how-is-the-pandemic-changing-the-world-and-ukraines-place-in-it

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