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Six vaccinated cats available for adoption in Ukraine @KyivExpats @KyivPost

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From Raffaela, Kyiv (rael@gmx.org):

The 6 “four-paw creatures” presented below come from a big cat family with a sad biography. I took them under my protection and care. After 4 month care, they are now ready for adoption.

All cats are fully vaccinated, tested, they wear a chip, and have a pass and they are castrated. If need be, I can run for them rabies antibodies tests for those who move to the EU. Of course, it is free for those who are interested in it.

I am looking for a loving family that wants to adopt a cat and is willing to have a cat in an apartment and either has a special protection on windows or can install it. You can contact me under rael@gmx.org – in any language (it will be translated).

Rafaella Lorena, rael@gmx.org
Kyiv, Ukraine


Stella. An affectionate, kind, quiet, thoughtful elegant lady. She enjoys being next to people and she likes young and agile cats.


Matteo. A big cat! Shy, cautious, eager to play and he is  looking for interesting play companions. A kind social creature that is willing to discover more.


Chita.  I am an easygoing, merry, talkative young girl! People are my play companions and followers! I love when they are nearby!


Leonardo. A little bit fat cat but absolutely socially competent. He walks in an unusual manner, which was caused by him falling. Curious and patient. He would like to be together with other cats!


Grazia. She likes when somebody rubs her belly, even when she yells in a skeptical and dreamy way. Playing is an important thing for her: she is so impressive while hunting. She is a nice and talkative commentator and is in search of love.


Luna. I am a micro cat! I see everything and I am not afraid of anybody and of anything! I am nice and agile! I am also very devoted!

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