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Comment on #Russia vs #Ukraine=world’s MOST equal country accor. to #GiniIndex & #PalmaIndex


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Ukraine is not Russia: Russia has one of the higher GINI indices among the world’s larger economies, i.e. is on the more unequal countries in the world. Although seemingly socio-economically similar to Russia, Ukraine is the MOST EQUAL COUNTRY OF THE WORLD according to two major inequality indices (GINI & PALMA) – ahead, in both rankings, of Norway. See https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/datablog/2017/apr/26/inequality-index-where-are-the-worlds-most-unequal-countries The fact that two independent rankings with different methodologies each rank Ukraine as world’s most equal country (in terms of income) is remarkable.
In contrast, the Global Wealth Report of Credit Suisse reports in 2016 (p. 53): “According to our estimates, the top decile of wealth-holders owns 89% of all household wealth in Russia. This is significantly higher than any other major economic power: the corresponding figure is 78% for the United States, for example, and 73% for China. The high concentration of wealth in Russia is reflected in the fact that it has an estimated 96 billionaires – a total exceeded only by China with 244, and the USA with 582.” https://www.credit-suisse.com/ch/en/about-us/research/research-institute/publications.html
Yet, many radical leftists around the world have more or far more sympathies for Russia than Ukraine in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict….

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