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How the #West Can Help Kyiv to Increase Its #Security @Krytyka_Ukraine


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…The Ukrainian state needs to achieve at least some modicum of security, as a political entity and as an investment destination. This security will only be achieved when Russia’s leadership and wider elite circles are made fully and publicly aware of the whole battery of serious challenges that their own country would face in the case of another escalation in Ukraine. The West and other friends of Ukraine need to start thinking beyond the confines of supporting Ukrainian domestic reforms and advocating for elusive  NATO membership. Only, a Ukrainian state equipped with high-tech defensive weapons, supported by the US and the UK on the basis of the Budapest Memorandum, embedded in an East European security structure, and in alliance with an EU ready to impose far more substantive sanctions against Russia will have a real chance to become a successful countermodel to the Putin System.

More in:

“Can Kyiv Defend Itself? Illusions About and Options for Securing Ukraine’s Future,” Krytyka, 8 January 2017

HTML: https://krytyka.com/en/articles/can-kyiv-defend-itself-illusions-about-and-options-securing-ukraines-future

PDF: https://www.academia.edu/30818726/Can_Kyiv_Defend_Itself_Illusions_About_and_Options_for_Securing_Ukraine_s_Future


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