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Steffen Kailitz (HAIT, Dresden) & Andreas Umland (IEAC, Kyiv), ”Why Fascists Took Over the Reichstag but Have Not Captured the Kremlin: A Comparison of Weimar Germany and Post-Soviet Russia,” Nationalities Papers, 2016, 15 pp. DOI: 10.1080/00905992.2016.1258049

ABSTRACT: Like Weimar Germany, contemporary Russia is home to fascist actors and widespread nationalism. But unlike interwar Germany, the party system in post-Soviet Russia is heavily manipulated and civil society remains underdeveloped. This means that fascists have not had a chance to use elections or to penetrate civil society in order to build up political support. The continuing presence of a resolutely authoritarian, yet non-fascist “national leader” (Vladimir Putin) keeps the country from becoming a liberal democracy but it also, for now, makes it less likely that the regime will become fascist.

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