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Without #EU’s economic leverage, negotiations with #Putin will remain inconclusive – comment on #G20 summit results


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Manifestation of neo-fascist movement "La 3ème Voie"(Third Way) in Paris 2013 supporting a series of very dubious characters, Chavez is only there to confuse you.

My comment on the outcome of the G20 summit, for the Kyiv newspaper Щоденна всеукраїнська газета «День»:

The success of summits such as these is often predetermined by their preparation and earlier developments. The signals before were not encouraging and the expectations were thus low. Tangible success will only be achieved when a major policy priorities shift occurs in Moscow. For that, it would need much more economic pressure from the West on Russia, in advance of negotiations. Once the political risks of further economic decline will be larger than the domestic political gains from symbolic successes in Ukraine and Syria, Moscow will start searching for face-saving ways out of its military engagement in the Donets Basin and Syrian civil war.

The continuously large EU imports of Russian oil look, against the background of the enormous costs and risks of the Russian military interventions in Ukraine and Syria to the EU, inconsistent, if not bizarre. In view of the large share of oil export revenues in Russia’s state budget, the EU is indirectly co-financing Russia’s various hard and soft power policies designed to undermine the West. As long as the EU does not start soberly discussing and defining its interests vis-a-vis Russia, this absurd situation will continue – whatever diplomatic efforts Germany, the US, France or other players will make.


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