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How Does RT Fight Western Propaganda?

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To Inform is to Influence

How Does RT Fight Western stories highlighting Russian attacks on Syrian civilians?

  1. Blame the United States
  2. Say bad publicity will increase the Syrian war.
  3. Attack bad publicity’s credibility
  4. Deny. Say “they lie”.
  5. NEVER accept responsibility
  6. Trot out a “useful idiot”, Lew Rockwell, to espouse a Russian perspective.
  7. Use evil words like “imperial” when referring to the US.
  8. Say “the government” is behind adverse publicity for the Russians.

RT is predictable in their tactics, above.

In ‘Aleppo child survivor image will be used as propaganda for more war – not less’, RT follows all the classical steps to defeat Western propaganda. Unfortunately, the West is much more savvy than a Russian audience, so their tactics are easily identifiable.

But the kicker, the ironic disclaimer ending to the article, says “The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those…

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