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Publ.: Western policies towards Russia/Ukraine: Sanctions, Reflexive Control, NATO, Intermarium, Minsk, 3.6.-15.7.2016


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Dear colleagues,
below are, FYI, links to the English versions of my recent briefs on Western policies towards Russia and Ukraine, since early June 2016, starting with the latest:

“Why the EU Should Decouple Sanctions Against Russia from the Minsk Agreements” | HARVARD INTERNATIONAL REVIEW. 15 July 2016. http://hir.harvard.edu/eu-decouple-sanctions-russia-minsk-agreements/ (also in Russian available in “Novoe vremia,” “Glavpost” etc.)

“NATO’s Warsaw Summit and Ukraine” (with Marta Dyczok) | HROMADSKE RADIO. 9 July 2016. http://hromadskeradio.org/en/programs/ukraine-calling/natos-warsaw-summit-and-ukraine [00:26:00-00:37:55]

“Intermarium: The East European – Turkish ‘Thorn’ in Russia’s Side” [this title is not my formulation – A.U.] | DEFENCE MATTERS. 5 July 2016. http://defencematters.org/news/east-european-turkish-thorn-russia-side/920/ (revised earlier argument published with “Carnegie Europe,” “Atlantic Council,” “World Affairs Journal,” “ECFR,” “Turkish Policy Quarterly,” “Foreign Policy Romania,” “Internationale Politik,” “NZZ,” “Focus Online,” “Ukraine-Nachrichten” etc.; related recent video statements in Russian: http://espreso.tv/video/50647 & English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FygRwiZoChA [
00:02:20-00:17:30] and an audio interview in German: http://www.pivotarea.eu/2016/07/08/pro-contra-intermarium-eigene-sicherheitsallianz-der-osteuropaeer/ [scroll down])

“Podcast: Countdown To Warsaw” (with Brian Whitmore and Mark Galeotti) | THE POWER VERTICAL. 1 July 2016. http://www.rferl.org/content/podcast-countdown-to-warsaw/27832696.html.

“What Brexit Means for Ukraine” | ATLANTIC COUNCIL. 27 June 2016. http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/new-atlanticist/what-brexit-means-for-ukraine (reposted by “Newsweek” and other outlets)

“Russia’s Strategy: Look Scarier Than You Are” | THE NATIONAL INTEREST. 8 June 2016. http://nationalinterest.org/feature/russias-strategy-look-scarier-you-are-16517 (republished by “The Globalist,” “The Japan Times” etc.; different versions in German in “Der Tagesspiegel – Causa,” “Zeit Online,” “Focus Online” and “Huffington Post Deutschland;” in Russian in “Novoe vremia,” “inoSMI” etc.)

“How Important Would a Post-Sanctions Russia Be for EU Foreign Trade?” (with Edward Hunter Christie) | HARVARD INTERNATIONAL REVIEW. 3 June 2016. http://hir.harvard.edu/how-important-would-post-sanctions-russia-be-for-eu-foreign-trade/ (also in Russian and Ukrainian available at “Ukrainska Pravda”)

PDFs of older texts on related issues:

Feel free to share.

Andreas Umland


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