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The Great Ukraine-Russian Information War Of 2014 – 2016


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To Inform is to Influence

An Information Warfare story for all ages.

There I was, knee-deep in information grenade pins and no relief coming.  No hope. I had only my trusted fellow Information Warriors by my side for support. I had their back, they had mine.  I slipped in a new magazine into my weapon, loaded with fresh information.  C’mon, suckers, you don’t who you are dealing with.

We are a team of highly trained Information Warriors.  We are well armed, well trained, and highly experienced.

We cut our teeth in the great Ukraine-Russian Information War of 2014 – 2016.   Ukraine won against overwhelming odds.  This is their story.

Using the Sochi Olympics as a cover, Russia deployed and conducted an “exercise” of 40,000 soldiers along the Ukraine border. It was a show of force meant to show support for Yanukovych. The tactic backfired when Ukraine protestors in the Maidan grew stronger, gaining far…

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