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Call for manuscripts on public declarations of Western intellectuals on the “Ukraine Crisis”


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On the occasion of the embarrassing Erklärung des Willy-Brandt-Kreises “Warum Europa eine neue Ostpolitik braucht” (1 July 2016) by Friedrich SchorlemmerGötz NeuneckHans MisselwitzHans-Joachim Gießmann: http://www.vorwaerts.de/artikel/europa-neue-ostpolitik-braucht

There are now a couple of dozen of such “Aufrufe”, “Stellungnahmen”, Joint Letters etc. by groups of intellectuals, academics and public figures of this or that persuasion published, in connection with the “Ukraine Crisis,” in various languages and outlets as well as on Change.org and similar petition sites.

As (co-)editor of the Journal of Soviet & Post-Soviet Politics & Society, Форум новейшей восточноевропейской истории, Forum für osteuropäische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte and Book Series “Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society”, I invite paper or book manuscripts reviewing most or all of these statements for publication in English, German or/and Russian. A first task would be to simply find all of these various statements spread across the WWW. Some references can be found in the footnotes here: http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/forum/docs/forumruss23/23UmlandZhirinovskii.pdf

Please, send your submission to andreas.umland@stanfordalumni.org


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