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Intermarium Or Russia Getting What It Deserves


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To Inform is to Influence

dhlhokiikkojllkkAll credit for the following belongs to “anonymous”, who does not want to be named.  I found this too good not to share.

Interesting that the Russians produce these effects then howl about conspiracies against them. Causality is absent in the “Russian World”, all is permitted for Russia as it is special and damn everybody else.

Russia, of course, is rabid about the proposed Intermarium concept, which is not at all new.

The concept of these countries blocking Russia is what they deserve. Expect the Russian propaganda and active measures machine to start cranking out mostly and wholly fabricated anti-Intermarium articles.  Russia has only two choices it seems. A deluge of words or war.

The thought that most of these countries used to be Soviet states can be smeared onto Russia’s face.  If ever presented that anything that ever touched Russia now hates it is a helluva qualifier.

…and Russia…

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