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Why Russian chauvinists hate Crimean Tatars: Test of Jamala


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A blog on Ukraine's defence of Europe and its values in the war with Russia (2014- )

by Vitaliy Portnikov, a Ukrainian journalist  (The original Vitaliy Portnikov’s article is here)

To [Russians] the very existence of this nation – is the reminder that the Crimea is not “theirs”.

Why the Russian mass media that are close to the Russian government are so angry about Ukraine’s decision to send the Crimean Tatar singer Jamala to the Eurovision-2016? Why do Russian politicians talk about it as an insult to Russia? What, actually is happening here?

Jamala is a well-established singer on the Ukrainian stage, she has even been a contender for Ukraine’s nomination to the Eurovision song contest several times before. No-one should be concerned with her ethnic origin. Yes, the Crimean Tatars live in the Crimea, which after the annexation Russia considers “its own”. But they also live in Ukraine, they live also in Turkey. Why Ukraine cannot send to the Eurovision a Crimean Tatar…

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