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An Intermarium pact of East European countries and Turkey against Russian neo-imperialism — WWW links


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FYI, below are links to recent versions of a text on the idea of an Intermarium pact of East European countries and Turkey against Russian neo-imperialism. An older deliberation on historical roots and contemporary prospects of the Intermarium was published in January 2016 here:

Ksenia Szelachowska: The revival of Intermarium – Poland can talk the talk but can it walk the walk? | NCSS

For a preliminary contextualization, on the lack of prospect for Ukraine’s soon accession to NATO (a popular mantra in Kyiv):

Ukraine’s Understandable But Senseless Hope for NATO Membership | ATLANTIC COUNCIL
Kiews verständliche, aber vergebliche Hoffnung auf NATO-Mitgliedschaft | FOCUS ONLINE

A longer recent version of my Intermarium plan outline:
Countering Russian expansionism: Blueprints for a new security alliance | EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS
An abridged version focusing on Turkey:
An East European-Turkish Pact Against Russian Neo-Imperialism | TURKISH POLICY QUARTERLY

A brief summary in Finish:
Intermarium – Itämeren ja Mustanmeren maiden liitto | UUSI SUOMI

Further translations into Romanian (thanks to Vasile Rotaru!) and Lithuanian (thanks to Geopolitika.lt) are forthcoming. I am preparing a longer German version currently. It would be great to get also Turkish, Polish and other translations, comments, extrapolations, critique, summaries…. out.
Older English versions of my argument may be found here:

How to Fill Ukraine’s Security Vacuum | CARNEGIE EUROPE

Feel free to forward.

Andreas Umland


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