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Guilty by association:the Dutch Ukraine referendum


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flagiDutch Eurosceptics think they’re attacking EU enlargement. They’re attacking the viable alternative.

It’s always a mistake to walk into a conversation half way through. Unless you’re the Dutch Eurosceptic crusaders of geenpeil (google translate, appropriately enough, offers as one translation ‘no standards’) who’ve marched self-righteously into the centre of a subject they know nothing about. As a Brit I could complain forever about the poor quality of our own Brexit debate, with its excessive use of what academics would call counterfactual reasoning, hypothesising that savings from EU membership might somehow make their way to UK public services rather than the inevitable Tory tax cuts for the wealthy. Idle speculation that ‘we could do whatever we want’ is a catch all foil to any argument. The sober constitutionally-based Brexit rationale of the likes of the late Tony Benn are conspicuous by their absence.
This is surpassed by what is happening this week…

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