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Russia’s Pernicious Hybrid War Against Ukraine


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To Inform is to Influence

A protester hurls a stone at a regional branch of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, during an anti-Russia protest in Kyiv, Ukraine, on February 20. (Reuters/Gleb Garanich)

In recent months, the relative calming of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbas has led many observers to describe this confrontation as yet another “frozen conflict” in the post-Soviet space. Yet even if Russian military activities ceased completely, the analogy is misleading. It is not always understood that Ukraine’s neighbor to the east is actively using three separate approaches to keep the Ukrainian state in crisis mode.
First, Ukraine has been the victim of “traditional” (if covert) armed aggression from Russia, which has ebbed but continues. Second, it is also suffering from the severe direct economic consequences of this war. Finally, the Kremlin is also conducting a non-military, multi-vector hybrid war against Ukraine that is only partially visible to the West…

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