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List of Shabiha Posing As Refugees in Europe


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Note: This list is constantly being added to and updated; so far I have only categorised a fraction of the shabiha whose names I am aware of.

During the refugee crisis, we have heard many baseless scare-stories about Da’esh (ISIS) members supposedly infiltrating Europe under the guise of refugees.

Some were outright lies (one originated from the made-up figures of an Islamophobic Lebanese Christian), some were sensationalised quotes from dubious sources parroted by outlets like the Daily Mail (which once supported the British fascists) or a combination of several.

The truth is that there is no large scale influx of Da’esh fighters hiding as defenceless men, women and children. Because that’s all the vast majority of these refugees are.

However, is that there is a huge influx of pro-regime militants into European states. Having participated in the genocidal fight to save the regime, many have since decided that mass…

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