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How dooes Russia do TV propaganda: four certificates


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To Inform is to Influence

© Arman Zhenikeyev / TASS

Three Former Employees of the Federal Channels and One Incumbent – Alexander Orlov and Dmitry Sidorov

(Translated from Russian by my humble Chrome browser)

Text: Dmitry Sidorov

COLTA. RU published three articles devoted to the Russian federal television, which has long been fully controlled by the government and works as a propaganda machine. In this monologue Lisa Lerer , a former chief editor of Marketing channel “Russia 1”, the story of Julia Chumakov , Head of the Southern Bureau of the First Channel, the author of the famous story about the “crucified boy.” The third installment, which you are reading now, is built on four monologues: three former employees of RTR and Ren-T  agreed to talk about their experiences on an anonymous basis, as well as Stanislaus Feofanova, TVC producer who says, not hiding the name.

Conversations with former employees of RTR were originally written…

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