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The Schroeder Connection


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Dear Europeans, who are leaving the leading role in the EU to Germany, do you know who was appointed by the German Chancellor Merkel to care for Ukraine and protect Ukraine and Europe against the aggressor Putin?

If not, you should visit the Cafe des Artistes in Berlin Schöneberg. You might meet there the German Foreign Minister, or Ex Chancellor Schröder, or Matthias Warnig, now chief of the Northstream AG, former an East German spy, officer of the MfS, his son, the owner of the cafe, or Wladimir Putin, a friend of all. Maybe you might meet them all together.




schrWarnPutin Ex Chancellor Schröder, Stephan Warnig, President Putin

PutinWarnig President Putin, Matthias Warnig 2010 in front of the cafe

This article of a Berlin newspaper reads:

The Russian President has not many friends in the West: The Ukraine crisis brought Vladimir Putin (61) an outlawing. EU and US want to force…

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