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Dealing With Putin


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Nina Jobe

There has been a marked feeling of helplessness when dealing with the Putin regime in the past year.  In many ways it feels like the regime is holding all of the cards, and Ukraine and its partners in Europe are only reacting to events.  Therefore, I am always interested in any new proposals to change this situation.  When this set of policy proposals was brought to my attention, I was intrigued.

Irina Zarifian has a long explanation about the nature of the current Russian system, and how it works (something I’d like to pursue at a later time).  But she does agree with my assessment that Putin is not the problem, it’s the system, and the system must be changed.

How can this be achieved?

We must understand that there is nothing mysterious [in what they are doing], their actions are always similar.  The special services, by definition, do not…

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