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Kremlin sadism: from Stalin to Putin


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The fate of the captured Ukrainian army pilot Nadiya Savchenko, whose hunger strike in a Moscow pre-trial detention cell has continued for over 80 days, has once again put an international spotlight on Russia’s badly flawed judicial system. Here, two authors writing in the Russian-language press (one in the banned-in-Russia publication Grani, the other on his personal blog) examine the enduring legacy of cruelty and bullying of the defenseless in Russia and draw a line of continuity from the tyrant Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to today’s Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin.

Kremlin sadism: from Stalin to Putin

10 February 2015 ~ НАША ИСТОРИЯ

Stalin-Putin Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and Russian President Vladimir Putin

The tragic stories of two women who fell under the Moloch of the Kremlin best exemplify the spirit of Russia, its true “buckles” and the continuity of its sadistic relationship to Humanity. Ilya Milshtein and Boris Akunin have written on…

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