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A Crimean Fairy Tale


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I wrote about the strange disappearance in late 2014 of the future Minister of Defense of Greece. According to Syriza’s Dmitris Konstantinopolous, he “vanished off the face of the earth” for a while. After he reappeared, as we now know, he has very eager to form a coalition with Syriza, despite this being a party of opposing ideology.

Well, I may have an idea where he went. Along with 89 other Greeks.

On October 3rd 2014, an email was sent from one member of the close circle of Konstantin Malofeev to another. The email was sent from the account of Maxim Kryuchkov. Kryuchkov is Malofeev’s assistant and travelled with him and Igor Girkin to Ukraine to take “presents from the Russian Orthodox Church to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”. Their travels took them to the Crimea, where in Girkin’s own admissions, during the trip they set up the organization for the…

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