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Russia’s Second Invasion of Donbas is Well-Orchestrated


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Voices of Ukraine

By Chris Dunnett, Ukraine Crisis Media Center
01.14. 2014
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Russian tanks, heavy equipment, and soldiers are once again streaming across Ukraine’s now nominal border in the Donbas, reinforcing pro-Russian positions and greatly escalating the risks of new open conflict in Ukraine. To be clear, the ceasefire proclaimed in September has never been successful. The Minsk Protocol, signed on September 5 which was designed to bring peace to Ukraine, instead resulted in a ceasefire in name only. In reality, the fighting continued, albeit at a lesser degree, across much of the Donbas. At the city of Debaltseve, at the Donetsk airport, and at various other locations on the front lines, death and destruction continued unabated.

Hundreds of soldiers, pro-Russian militants, and civilians have died since early September at a rate of roughly ten people a day. Reportedly, there have been instances of indiscriminate and inaccurate shelling…

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