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Enemy Number One: The Maidan Effect


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Voices of Ukraine

By Alex Cybriwsky
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

The recent attacks against Maidan, and current efforts to disperse the Maidan, are an attempt to restrain Putin’s biggest fear, and that of many Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs: that is, the Maidan Effect.

It appears that neo-Nazi fascists with connections to the Interior Ministry’s Azov Battalion, as well as ex-Maidaners from the 17th Sotnya who stand guard by the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament], are being blamed for the recent provocations–attacks against the Self-Defense of Maidan. But who is giving the orders and paying for these armed assaults?

Putin’s number one enemy is the Maidan Effect. Putin’s main objective is to prevent the country from building a successful and democratic Ukraine. The Maidan Effect – that people will stand up and oppose corrupt politicians and oligarchs – is the most powerful antidote to his oppressive system of kleptocracy and dictatorship.

But what’s…

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