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On my temporary Facebook problems


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On my temporary Facebook problems

As it made the headlines of “Deutsche Welle” and some other outlets, here a clarification on the particulars of the temporary switch-off of my Facebook account’s main functions, until today: My account was never fully disabled as I could always watch and click stuff. Yet, on approx. 26 May 2014, my FB account’s main tools – sharing, posting, commenting, chatting, befriending… – became unusable. When trying to use these functions, a message appeared saying, in German, that may access to Facebook will be limited, for a while. See the attached first screenshot from 27 May 2014. On approx. 29 May 2014, another automatic Facebook message started appearing. It said that access to my Facebook account, from my home computer only, will be limited, for a while. Today, perhaps, because I deleted all cookies, I could again access Facebook fully (I hope). Why all this happened I do not know, for sure. I can only suspect that there was a concerted complaint, to Facebook, about my web activities by several people, at the same time. This may have led Facebook to restrict my activities – whatever that was supposed to signal to me. Apparently, the multiple counter-complaints and interventions made by some of you led Facebook to cancel the partial blockade of my account. At least, that is my interpretation of the story…. Many thanks to all those who took the effort to help me out! Very grateful indeed!

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